A Day Trip To Japan

A short hop across the road from where I live and I find myself in Japan…

Well, not ‘quite’ Japan but an area called Japantown.  It feels like Japan.  It looks like Japan, and, oh boy, it tastes like Japan!

Sushi was not particularly common in the UK, but over here on the west coast I find myself slowly succumbing to Sushi-addiction.  Honestly, I think the Sushi is my main incentive for leaving the house most days.  Here’s a sample of the latest ’round’ (sweet prawn and spicy tuna rolls):

Sushi apart, Japantown has a lot more to see.  As well as being full of Japanese decor, furniture and cutesy items in the plentiful Japanese stores, there is of course the largest branch of Daiso in SF!

Daiso is a Japanese Pound Shop.  Everything in there is $1.50 and they have really some useful gems.  How could you not ‘need’ a Banana case for example…


Before I came to San Francisco I was worried about this little Earthquake problem they have over here.

After 6 months of living here and not experiencing one I’ve kind of gotten blasé about them… til today.

At approx 2.41pm on 20th October I experienced my first Earthquake!  And, oh boy, did it scare the sh*t out of me.

From out of nowhere my furniture and whole house seemed to rock to one side and back then, in the blink of an eye and before I’d fully realized what was happening it was all over.

At 4.0 on the Richter scale this was only a BabyQuake apparently.

Now I too, live in fear of the `Big One` like millions of other Californians.

Update: At 8.16pm I’ve just experienced a 2nd bigger quake of 4.2.  These quakes are just like buses – you wait 6 months then 2 come along at once!

SF Chronicle article on today’s quake

Earthquake monitoring site 

View from the Cable Car

After 6 months here I finally took my first SF cable-car today

Following a Root Canal and Large Filling as part of my Teeth fixing regime I needed a cheering up.  What better way than chugging up a San Francisco hill on a Cable Car?

Fortunately the dentist’s injections numbed the pain of paying $6 for the pleasure…

Poor image?  Yeah you try leaning out of a cable car going up and capturing a decent shot on a blackberry!


The weather’s really hotted up this week in SF (getting up to 27c/80f) and with it have come some stunning sunsets and moon-rises.

Today I managed to capture the sunset on film (well, jpg file format).


I love Jetlag.  It’s the only time I jump out of bed at 4.45am and am raring to go.

Jetlag isn’t so painful in Summertime.  It’s great to get the extra hours of sunlight and even to catch sunrise.  This is my first Californian sunrise in 2011:

Several hours later, when the rest of the city has woken up, and I have found myself acquiring one of the key essentials of being an `American` – a baseball team!

Overlooking San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park must have one of the most stunning backdrops of any sports stadium in the world.  Perhaps my most endearing memory is of the local delicacies served in the stadium called `Garlic Fries`.

‘We’ won.  ‘We’ beat the Colorado Rockies 3-1.  Now I’m a Giants Fan.  GO GIANTS!