El Paso de Robles

Paso Robles is an historical old town – by Californian standards.

Discovered in 1797 for it’s hot sulphur springs Paso old became a `real` town in the mid-1800s and even attracted the outlaw Jesse James to hole up for a year while he recovered from a few gunshot wounds.  A century later Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio also stayed here on honeymoon.

A peaceful but hot (think 100F days) town, the big attraction to many travelers over the years has been the healing sulphur springs.  The big attraction to me is the wine!  Paso Robles is now at the centre of a booming wine industry as Cowboys turn to wine-connoisseurs to make their money.  Everywhere you look someone has a tasty looking glass of vino in their hands and everywhere you go out of town, you come across stunning wineries with views or stunning views with wineries.

Staying in a `Spa-town` does have other benefits too… in this case my only private hot spring hot-tub on my balcony!