Typing at Altitude

The highest point in the British Isles is 4,409 ft.

For the last few days I’ve been camping out in the Sierra Nevada mountains at 7,200 ft, spending time kayaking, swimming, and hiking at up to 8,500 ft.  One of the first things you notice is breathlessness and next you notice the amazing views:

The vista’s here are out of this world.  Every turn you take is a view to die for.  Miles upon miles of alpine vista’s and mountain lakes.

One of the dangers though are the wildlife.  I’ve only come across gophers, chipmunks, birds and deer.  Apparently these woods are full of bears, rattlers and even tourists…


The first time I came across Hummingbirds was in 2003 whilst traveling in Mexico.  Being indigenous only to the Americas they were almost a pleasant surprise to see on later visits here and have since become my favorite little bird.

Now living in California I have chance to see them in their full glory on a regular basis.

What’s so special about them?  As well as being the world’s smallest bird I love the way they seem to hover as they fly.  They move so fast, apparently beating their wings approx 70 times per second (yep, PER SECOND! WOW!)

They also have the cutest of little chirps too.  The World of Hummingbirds website where you can listen to it describes it as a `Hey Look at Me` chirp.

Here are some more Hummingbird facts.

With the sunny Californian days I’ve been spending more time outside on my roof deck, where I’ve been having regular company from a pair of hummingbirds…

Meet Horace and Harriet!















Horace (adult male) is the one on the left with the red neckline.  Harriet (adult female) is the one of the right without the red neckline

Here’s hoping to lots of hummingbird-chicks fluttering around soon!