Hearst Castle

Imagine Rupert Murdoch finding a remote, inaccessible mountaintop and spending the next 15 years building a palace atop it.  Then, when completed, fill it with Roman, Renaissance and other valuable antiquities and invite the Beckhams, George Clooney, Scarlett Johanson, Tom Cruise and every other A-List Celeb to come stay and party there as freely as they like…

This is pretty much what William Randolph Hearst, the 20th century media baron, did from 1919 til his death in 1951.

Hearst Castle is a testament to opulence.  It’s a truly beautiful palace in a stunning setting.  Moving from room to room you are surrounded by items from around the world – mostly Europe.  15th century fireplaces taken from French Chateau, floor tiling from Roman villa’s, 2000 year old Roman busts, Gothic and Medieval hangings and flags from the British Isles. Roaming the grounds and palace feels like roaming Pompeii or another lost civilization, it is truly awe-inspiring.

I’ve put together a gallery of some of my photo’s from my day here.  I strongly recommend visiting the palace if you get chance, but one tip – try and avoid peak periods as the crowds can give it a Disneyland feel.  Such opulence deserves exclusivity.

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