A Day Trip To Japan

A short hop across the road from where I live and I find myself in Japan…

Well, not ‘quite’ Japan but an area called Japantown.  It feels like Japan.  It looks like Japan, and, oh boy, it tastes like Japan!

Sushi was not particularly common in the UK, but over here on the west coast I find myself slowly succumbing to Sushi-addiction.  Honestly, I think the Sushi is my main incentive for leaving the house most days.  Here’s a sample of the latest ’round’ (sweet prawn and spicy tuna rolls):

Sushi apart, Japantown has a lot more to see.  As well as being full of Japanese decor, furniture and cutesy items in the plentiful Japanese stores, there is of course the largest branch of Daiso in SF!

Daiso is a Japanese Pound Shop.  Everything in there is $1.50 and they have really some useful gems.  How could you not ‘need’ a Banana case for example…

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