In London my commute was a distance of 4 miles.   Usually in the rain… in traffic… weaving between buses and dodging pedestrians… it vaguely looked like this:

cycling to work

In California my commute is approx. 40 miles and looks like this:

Commuting Bus

The work shuttles provided are a progression from the Yellow School Buses you see pottering around the USA – they pick me up from the end of my street and deposit me at the work campus, returning me at the end of the day.

This being Silicon Valley though, the buses are fully equipped with (semi) hi-speed wi-fi internet and comfy leather seats.

Inside Work Shuttle

Normally it’s a nice journey under blue sunny skies… except days like this when the shuttle sets on fire…

Smoking Bus

Don’t worry, nobody was hurt, just an electrical fire this time…

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