Happy Anniversary

Mendocino Plate

5 years ago, on February 3rd 2007, I got married.  This was probably the best day of my life.

As is customary on these occasions we decided to celebrate it by heading out of town for a weekend break in the country.

Our chosen destination was the former logging town of Mendocino, 200 miles north of San Francisco.

Perched on a cliff bluff Mendocino has a wonderful setting and offers the kind of view that makes you go ‘wow’ when you first see it.  Strangely enough, it may be somewhere you’re already familiar with – it’s the location where the TV-show Murder She Wrote was filmed.

view of Mendocino

This time of year is whale migration season.  From the shore we could see a constant stream of them spurting water into the air through their blow holes.

So what better way to get close to them than to head out on a fishing boat and see them close up… well, it seems Whales get shy as you get close and decide to play hide and seek…  we didn’t see any Whales close up but we did get some great shots of Seals, Sealions and Dolphins.

Sea lions





And, of course, allowed plenty of time to dip into my own personal outdoor hot-tub at the hotel!

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