American politics is truly sickening.  Currently we’re in the middle of the Republican (opposition) party electing their new leader to face off with Barack Obama in November 2012 for the WBO Heavyweight Title of the year title of President of the USA.

Day after day I’m shocked how low these supposedly respectable people can sink to ensure votes.

In the last week I’ve heard:

  • Lies and complete fallacies about Palestine and even Palestinian children by the despicable Newt Gingrich to secure ‘the Jewish vote’.   Why oh why all Jewish people in the USA feel obliged to support the most anti-Palestinian candidate is beyond me.   Think for yourselves Jewish people of American – and don’t believe their hype!
  • Rick Perry accusing the government of betraying Christians by including moral standards on where the USA gives aid.  The standards in question?  Requesting states do not conduct violence towards homosexuals.  What “Christian” planet does this guy live on to encourage violence against anyone??
  • Michele Bachman seemed quite normal for a while… til her rampant racism, homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-everything views came out.  Now she’s an irrelevancy.
  • Mitt Romney.  Hey, he’s a multi-millionaire pro-banking lobby guy.  Back to the norm then huh?  As a ‘slick guy’ he has powerful backers and is a likely candidate to Obama.  This week one of his backers offered Gingrich $1m to drop out to ensure Romney wins.  Clean contest huh?

If it was X-Factor it would be sickening to watch, but with the added weight that one of these nutters may become President is thoroughly scary.

It makes having an Eton public-school boy fop for leader look (almost) palatable!

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