Tourist Town

San Francisco is a hugely popular tourist town.  Every day the tourist hordes can be found milling along the top of the bay and getting in the way of the hardened locals like me.  🙂

This Post-Thanksgiving weekend however has been bliss.  No tourists!  No people come to that either… as many people head out to visit family.

So without the tourists – what better time than to be a tourist yourself?  That’s what we did by hiring a Go Car for the afternoon.

Go-Car – “the Story telling car” – is really a 3-wheeled trike/moped that directs you around the city and tells you interesting nuggets of information as you go.

Today I learnt that:

  • OJ Simpson went to Galileo High School which is right behind my house (and where the kids from there regularly smoke weed in my doorway!)
  • Alcatraz is THE most visited landmark in the US
  • Lombard Street isn’t the most crookedest street in SF – this one in Potrero Hill is.

A good fun way to see the city – though petrol fumes and getting beeped at by SUV’s does take it’s toll after a few hours!




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