Room With A View

“The Internet was born free yet everywhere it is in chains”  – Or rather, everywhere  it is charged for.

One of my biggest qualms with Hotels are their excessive internet charges.

Staying in the lovely 4-star Affinia Dumont hotel in Manhattan I would expect running water to be included as part of the price.  Therefore I expect another utility – the Internet – to also be free.  This is not the case and this hotel certainly isn’t an exception.

Still, credit to my 4-star hotel for what is certainly a room with a view:

Chrysler Building and Manhattan Skyline

With a view like that from the 31st floor it makes me feel a dwarf amongst the Manhattan giants.

Waking up and going to sleep with the beautiful art-deco Chrysler tower in full view has made this room one of my top locations of the year.

1 thought on “Room With A View

  1. wow nice view indeed! Internet charges in expensive 4-star hotels are a real joke, I concur. It’s even worse when you realise cheaper hotels, even youth hostels don’t charge for this service!!!! I suppose it’s down to the fact that if you’re rich enough to stay here, you’re then rich enough to pay an hour internet the price of a monthly subscription #crazyworldwelivein

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