What Do I Miss?

So, what do I actually miss from the UK?

  • Football!!! – It’s almost worth moving back to the UK for…
  • M&S!  Major gap in the market for lunch options in downtown SF.
  • Waitrose.  Yeah, we got Whole Foods… I guess I can live without Waitrose.
  • Prawn Crackers.  They just don’t exist here.  Pot-stickers go part way to compromise though.
  • Direct Debit.  Manually paying your bills every month gets tedious.
  • My friends.  Of course!
What don’t I miss from the UK?
  • Chavs and Scrotes.  Yeah we have red-necks but they’re not as prevalent here in SF as those are in the UK.
  • Cold, dark, damp weather.  Blue-skies all the way here dude!

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