Cowboys and Geezers

Once upon a time Cowboys would pull out gleaming metallic revolvers on each other… now they pull out gleaming metallic camera’s on each other…

At the north-end of Napa valley is a Geyser known as Old Faithful. Named so for it’s regularity in bursting forth hot, sulphuric water from deep down within the earth every 40 minutes or so.

Perhaps most interestingly this geyser acts as an early warning system for earthquakes.

When the frequency is reduced to 50-60 minutes with many smaller bursts inbetween it signifies an earthquake is due.

On my visit there were many small bursts and it took longer than 40 minutes for the big one… Gulp!

1 thought on “Cowboys and Geezers

  1. wow a geyser as earthquakes warning, that’s very cool! or scary for that matter… I’m not too sure about cowboys, I prefered when they killed each other in slow motion on a dramatic tune, oh and yes, on flat screen 😉

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