So what’s the food like over here?  Whilst British haute-cuisine like Sausage and Mash, or Pies are thin on the ground there are a few interesting alternatives:

  •  Californian food.  Burgers.  Plentiful.  Varied.  Quality.  Tasty.
  • Mexican food is outstanding.  Chilango, La Cumbre are two places in San Francisco I’d recommend above others.
  • Sushi – a rarety in London, it really rocks here in the Bay Area.  Seems pretty cheap too.

There is also a trend for ‘fusion food’ over here.  Not surprising given the melting pot society here.  Just today I tried Mexican-Korean fusion of a kim chi burrito.  Not the greatest actually.

A more pleasant combination was Mexican-Indian fusion food – for example,   Curried Pumpkin Enchilada’s.

Taking the lead I experimented with a little English- Mexican food myself in the form of a `Tequila Trifle` with Mezcal Tequila replacing the sherry.  Mmmm .  Tasty!

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