“Would you like that as 12, 16 or 20 ounce sir?” – I was asked in reference to my cup of tea.

There are two comments I have to make about this:

Firstly – it is TEA. Do I want 20 oz of Tea? I looked up 20 Oz. It is 591ml. Nearly 600 Millilitres. Nearly a bottle of wine size container of Tea. Jeez, if I had that I’d be visiting the `Restroom` (a new American word I’ve learnt) all day long! (and the tea would probably taste of the output too)

Secondly – these measurements mean absolutely nothing to me. It would have made more sense if the waitress had asked:

“Would you like that as Size BLEURGH, Size GAHGAHGAH or Size MMFDKSDD?”

How the USA gets away with a retarded measurement system different to the rest of the world I have no idea. Ounces to measure liquid just do not make any sense at all.

It doesn’t stop there… ‘Pounds’. Nope, not GBP as currency but pounds as in lbs. Now instead of being 85kg I am 185 lbs (I think). Instead of lifting X kg, now I have to guess what it would be in lbs. What does the rest of the world use? Kilo’s of course.

Fahrenheit… actually I don’t mind Fahrenheit. It’s not as weird as the other measurements. True, it takes a bit of getting used to but it kind of makes sense. I know what `in the 80s` or `in the 90s` feels like. Unfortunately in San Francisco it’s most `in the 50s or 60s`.

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