I’m British.  Teeth aren’t one of my strong points – especially in this most vain teeth-whitening-straightening-perfection state of California.

My first visit experience of a US dentist inflicted ‘shock and awe’ on their smiling white toothed faces.  After inviting in their colleagues from next door I felt like an alien abductee as several faces peer into my gaping maw in shock and disbelief at what 36 years of British dentistry can do to a man’s teeth.

Like an Old Kent Road motor mechanic looking at my old banger I’d had towed in there the dentists then rubbed their chins and said the words:  “we can fix it… but it’s gonna cost ya…”

I think I’m going to be good friends with my new dentist(s).

(Yes, the x-ray of the teeth above are mine).

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